I received a Ph.D in mathematics in 2012 from the University of Notre Dame, and continued my research with a postdoctoral appointment at the University of Rochester. In my spare time, I still read and learn new mathematics. Below are some of my publications and mathematical notes for classes I've taught, and myself more generally.


An ill-posedness result for the Boussinesq equation
D.-A. Geba and A. A. Himonas and D. Karapetyan
preprint, arXiv:1202.6671 (2012)

Hölder Continuity of the Data to Solution Map for HR in the Weak Topology
D. Karapetyan
preprint, arXiv:1111.5879 (2012)

On the well-posedness of the hyperelastic rod equation
D. Karapetyan
Ph.D thesis (20120

Non-uniform dependence and well-posedness for the hyperelastic rod equation
D. Karapetyan
J. Differential Equations 249 796–826 (2010)


Numerical Analysis
Probability and Applications to Finance


I am an avid chess fan, and played in tournaments in high school and at Cal, eventually earning the Expert title (with a peak USCF rating ~2100). I'd like to go for the USCF master title (the next level up) someday, when I have more time.

While at Cal, I made an opening repertoire using Chessbase to prepare and train for tournaments:


I enjoy social tango dancing and salsa dancing in my spare time. I recently improvised a tango and waltz performance with an excellent follower.